Author: Thea Oliver

The Future of Tech Recruitment

Here, a panel of experts discusses the Future of Tech Recruitment, what challenges companies are currently facing, how we can better these address issues and what we can do now to safeguard for the future.

The panel consists of representatives from a cross section of the industry, including legal, SaaS, training, recruitment and corporate. With questions and participation from the audience to keep the panel on their toes (!) and to get a first hand look into the challenges of the industry.
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Digital Skills Survey

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

National research into teenagers’ perceptions of the tech industry.  (Full report: Digital Skills Gap)

The skills gap. It’s a well-documented issue and a challenge that everyone faces in the tech industry. How has it happened, when did it start and what can we do to heal it? These are all questions we’ve been asking ourselves and ones we went directly to our schools with to see what’s happening at a grass roots level.

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Avoiding time wasters

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Time Wasters in Tech Recruitment

Tech recruitment is a competitive field that’s sometimes characterised by an apparent skills shortage. Whether you’re a hiring manager, recruiter or HR professional, there are issues that come up over again, and particularly with the age old question of how to avoid spending precious time on the wrong candidates. Well, here are 5 ways to help you avoid the time wasters.

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