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Remove Bias from Tech Recruitment

3 Steps to Remove Bias from Tech Recruitment

When it comes to tech recruitment, most organisations like to think they will select the right person for the job, based purely on technical skillset. However, can you completely remove bias from the recruitment process? And in interview assessments, how can you really tell who knows their Javascript from their C++? We take a look at improving the hiring process using IT employment screening tests to eliminate bias.

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Shortening Your Tech Recruitment Process

All Businesses, particularly tech firms often need to recruit the right person quickly, but IT recruitment can be a lengthy, multi-stage process, from initial interview to pre-employment assessment and beyond. It is imperative to hire right-first-time, yet long recruitment processes can turn off top talent. We look at how to shorten your recruitment process while making a quality hire decision.

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Personality assessment & performance

How Personality Assessment Helps Predict Performance

You need to recruit for a position urgently. You’ve got a set of applicants with strong CVs, glowing references and who all of whom seemed pretty switched on at interview. What else could you do to make sure they will be a good fit for the job and your company? In this article, we are going to run through the benefits of using an assessment designed to measure personality specifically and how this helps organisations make better selection decisions.

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