Avoiding time wasters

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Time Wasters in Tech Recruitment

Tech recruitment is a competitive field that’s sometimes characterised by an apparent skills shortage. Whether you’re a hiring manager, recruiter or HR professional, there are issues that come up over again, and particularly with the age old question of how to avoid spending precious time on the wrong candidates. Well, here are 5 ways to help you avoid the time wasters.

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Why Every Office Needs a Mariachi Band

You can probably blame the dot.com boom for this but Silicon Valley companies have been pushing the idea for a while that employee happiness is about more than just their salary. The tech industry is under a great amount of pressure to keep their employees and to encourage maximum productivity. The focus has shifted away from only financial perks to other ways of keeping your staff sweet.

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Hiring Success

A Recipe for Hiring Success

Inspired by the glorious Great British Bake Off (the final of which is tonight by the way!!) here in the TC office, we’ve mainly been talking delicious recipes and favourite bakes. This has promptly turned into a debate around the question: If national treasure, Mary Berry, was a hiring manager, how would she cook up a storm of hiring success? Set the oven to 180, put your “pinnie” on and flour your surfaces… Let’s bake!

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recruiters guide

‘Back to School’ – A Recruiter’s Guide for 2015/2016

Remember sitting on that sandy stretch of beach without a care in the world? Feels like ages ago right? With summer now well behind us, I’m afraid it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Here to jolt your brain back into work mode and help you make the best start this hiring term. Turn your books to page one, let’s begin the lesson.

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Tech in Sport

What All Employers Can Learn from the Use of Technology in Sport

Next month, England is hosting the eighth Rugby World Cup. In the four years that have passed since the last World Cup there have been monumental leaps forward in the technology that coaches, players and fans use to engage with the sport. We’re taking a look at the technology being used by the elite of the sporting world and how these developments can be filtered down to every day consumer and workplace use.

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