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Meet the new ‘us’… Tungl

Everything you need to know about our new brand!

Things are going to start looking a little different round here.

We’re still the same team delivering the same great experience to our customers, but we thought it was time to take our brand in a new direction that really reflected who we are.

So we’ve changed our name and had a bit of a facelift – and we hope you love the new look as much as we do.

To give you a peak behind the curtain, we sat down with our Marketing Manager, Izy Herrera, to discuss the new direction we’re taking our brand in.

Why the rebrand?

There are a few reasons we’ve chosen to freshen up our brand.

Firstly, over the years we’ve outgrown the name “Technically Compatible”. When we started, this was a perfect brand to tie our product to, as we purely tested technical skills.

But today we can do so much more. Through free text and video questions that can sit alongside code challenges, our customers can get a rounded view of each candidate – including their written and communication skills.

Plus, we’ve got a few exciting new product developments that we’ll be announcing soon. These will help our customers get an even better grasp of candidates’ interpersonal skills, making this the perfect time to leave the Technically Compatible name behind for something that better reflects who we now are and the direction we’re heading in.

Why Tungl?

We thought long and hard about who we are as a team and what we want to be known for.

A key thing that came out of these discussions is the fact that the team is full of vibrant personalities, so we knew our brand needed to reflect that.

So, first things first – a new name. When we first started out, we were only providing our service in the UK. Today, we have customers in 43 countries worldwide, so we knew we needed something short, sweet, and memorable to build a brand that would stick in all four corners of the globe.  

After coming up with a list of over 200 new names, we narrowed the choice down to ten potentials before settling on Tungl – the Old Norse word for moon.

We thought this was the perfect fit for where our company is today. It’s short, memorable, and abstract so it won’t restrict where we can take our service in the future.

Plus, we really see our platform’s strength as shining a light on great candidates. We’ve worked hard to create a tool that gives a more diverse group of candidates a chance to shine, and Tungl does just that by removing the bias from the screening process in tech recruitment. Rather than being judged on their background, candidates get the chance to prove they have the technical skills needed to thrive in the role they’re applying for – and hiring managers get a much bigger talent pool to find the right person from.

Now we had a name our wonderful User Experience Designer Corey set to work to create a logo and colour palette that really brought Tungl –  the new ‘us’ – to life. And what a brilliant job he did! I love it – it’s vibrant, fresh and stands out.

The team love the new ‘us’ too – I’ve been inundated with requests for hoodies, lanyards, and mugs!

What’s changing for customers and users?

We’re getting a new website, so there’s a new place to login, but while we’ve changed the colours and our look around here, our platform still works just the same.

And though we’ve got some exciting new product developments on the way, we’ll always provide our technical assessments.

So, keep your eye out for the announcement of an exciting new feature that’s coming later this summer.

And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our new brand as much as we do. Our CEO Mike’s requirement for launch are Tungl socks… so look out on social for us sporting these!

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