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The Future of Tech Recruitment

Here, a panel of experts discusses the Future of Tech Recruitment, what challenges companies are currently facing, how we can better these address issues and what we can do now to safeguard for the future.

The panel consists of representatives from a cross section of the industry, including legal, SaaS, training, recruitment and corporate. With questions and participation from the audience to keep the panel on their toes (!) and to get a first hand look into the challenges of the industry.
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Digital Skills Survey

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

National research into teenagers’ perceptions of the tech industry.  (Full report: Digital Skills Gap)

The skills gap. It’s a well-documented issue and a challenge that everyone faces in the tech industry. How has it happened, when did it start and what can we do to heal it? These are all questions we’ve been asking ourselves and ones we went directly to our schools with to see what’s happening at a grass roots level.

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Skills Gap Survey

Addressing the Source of the Digital Skills Shortage #GenZSurvey

The National College for Digital Skills reports that 130,000 new professionals a year are needed in the tech and IT sectors, the equivalent of the population of Oxford. These sectors are also growing 5.8% faster than any other. Generation Z, the future workforce, makes up a quarter of the UK population and will have a huge influence on future tech developments. So we’re finding out what the perceptions of the tech industry are and whether young people consider it a good career choice.

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Finding developers

Introducing ‘Danny Developer’ – Our New, Virtual Roving Reporter #FindingDanny

Hello and happy Monday! To celebrate the start of a brand new week, we’d like to introduce to you our new, virtual reporter in the field, Danny the Developer. You may remember that we first introduced you to him in our blog post back in March. Finding him is a bit like finding top tech talent – it can feel like you’re trying to find that one needle in a huge haystack!

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