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Technically Compatible is designed to support the needs of busy IT recruiters who want to spend less time compiling unwieldy tests or wading through complex reports and more time engaging candidates and winning new business.

Even if you’re not an expert in the technologies that your client needs their new hire to cover, our cloud based software allows you to easily understand how your candidate’s unique mix of technical skills and abilities fit into a specific role. With granular control over per-subject difficulty and ‘relevance to role’ we‘ve made it easy for you to focus your efforts on genuinely strong candidates. We don’t just increase your recruitment efficiency; we help grow your business too.

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Technically Compatible provides an effective means of filtering out unsuitable applicants, reducing your hiring costs and allowing you to concentrate your interviewing time and efforts on people who truly have the right skill set to get the job done.

We understand that having the wrong staff shape your code or negatively influence your product and processes can have long reaching consequences for your business. Our technical skills testing software delivers an unbiased, skills based screen designed to reflect the unique mixture of skills and levels of ability that you’re looking for in your next hire. Not only can we help speed up your recruitment process, we can also reduce the risk of a bad hire too.

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Use Technically Compatible to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your volume IT recruitment process. Quickly distribute tests and receive quantifiable, objective data that highlights the most compatible applicants so you can fast-track them to interview.

Technically Compatible is great for teams. Invite stakeholders to author their own questions, share reports with colleagues to help guide hiring decisions and empower staff to provide meaningful, structured feedback to candidates. All without in-depth training or steep learning curves. Plus as we’re cloud based, your team can access the system - safely and securely - from anywhere with an internet connection.

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